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Thank You to all our
Runners, Supporters and Donors!

“To commit to a marathon, both physically and mentally, is a testimony to their care for our school and students." 

-Principal of The Chapel School.

Pastor Jacob Heine stated, “Running the TCS NYC Marathon was an amazing experience.

I have never seen crowd support and encouragement along a course like I did Sunday.

There is no doubt what makes this marathon one of the best and a World Majors Marathon."

- Pastor Jacob Heine

“Amazing support from family and friends yesterday!

Their energy paired with the hundreds of thousands of other New Yorkers made this an incredible experience!

Although a humbling experience in many ways too.” 

-Chris Gleason

“My two boys have benefited from these awesome programs as they have participated in Prep Choir and are current members of the school band – one plays percussion and the other the trumpet.” 

-Adrienne Stewart 


“The Chapel School is fortunate to have an administration that supports and encourages the arts so that the whole child may be educated. I am running because I love the arts, and I love The Chapel School.”

-George Heath

“…being able to run on behalf of The Chapel School was a special sort of honor. I was able to stay focused for the months leading up to this race knowing that I was not just raising money for some organization, but I was bringing along with me on this journey kids who would receive a great education and continue to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, because I chose to run for them. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.”

- Pastor Jacob Heine

“After 6 years of forming more urban races for our teams, this trail run was a challenge but

also a great chance to support arts. It's always a uphill task to find the dollars to support and enhance

arts programs for kids, but it's worth the effort! We can do this!"

-Rev. Dr. Robert Hartwell

“I had a great time! Randy Watkins was the 10th fastest finisher from CT,”  

-George Heath

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